Join the HVSP

Thank you for your interest in becoming a ski patroller with Homewood Volunteer Ski Patrol (“HSVP”). There is a season long process to becoming a ski patroller as you may or may not know, but it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience in itself and in its ends. We generally have our recruits meet with us during the ski season prior to the season that they intend to begin the process but we might be able to accommodate you this season. Our process is generally:

  1. Ski With A Patroller (“SWAP”) for a day during the season prior to your candidate season so that you can learn about all that goes on during our day (everything from setup, to patient care, to general mountain safety, to closing the mountain)
  2. Pass a ski test, evaluating that you have the requisite skills to negotiate all of Homewood’s terrain safely and in any condition.
  3. Take the required National Ski Patrol medical course, Outdoor Emergency Care (“OEC”).

If you are interested please take the first step and sign up for a SWAP now.

 HVSP Candidates

If you want some further information please e-mail our recruiters at